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Friday, 22 July 2011

Evaluation of the Water Network Management Program in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

Sida has initiated the evaluation of the Water Network Management Program in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate the two-year program to improve the Erbil City water network. The evaluation shall be a systematic and objective assessment of the program, its design, implementation and results. The focus of the end-of-program evaluation shall be on the process during the program as well as on the impact and sustainability.
The Erbil City Water Network Management Project in Kurdistan, Iraq, was implemented from mid-2008 to mid-2010 through grant financing by Sida of 25.5 MSEK to the Swedish NGO Qandil. The Implementing Agency was the Directorate of Water (DOW) in Erbil.
The Project was aimed at developing sustainable and safe supply of drinking water to the population of Erbil City through the following main components:
  1. Develop a business plan for the water supply and network;
  2. Develop an operation and maintenance strategy;
  3. Improve the water network in one confined area; and
  4. Improved public awareness and communication.
The evaluation will be undertaken by Indevelop and Channel Research between August - October 2011.

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