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Saturday, 2 July 2011

With over 100,000 Kudistanis watching it live, UKH celebrates its 5th Anniversary and 2nd Graduation in a Spectacular Event in ERBIL

With over 100,000 Kudistanis watching it live:

UKH celebrates its 5th Anniversary and 2nd Graduation in a Spectacular Event that will be Remembered for Long

Wnedsday 29 June 2011 - In unprecedented celebration event, attended by His Excellency Mr. Masrur Barzani and the representative of both Their Excellencies Mr. Masoud Barzani, the President of Kurdistan, and Dr. Barham Saleh, Prime Minister of KRG as well as a large of group of ministers, directors, CEOs, celebrities, the University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated  its 5th Anniversary and 2nd Graduation Class of 2011 in Peshawa Hall at Ministry of Culture.

The event that was a mixture of an academic graduation ceremony and a glamorous celebration was broadcasted live by the two most popular TV channels in Kurdistan: Zagros TV and Kurdistan TV.  And was covered with over 35 regional and national TV channels and key publications.

The peak of the event was the eye catching Student Walk who entered the hall carrying candles resembling their role as future leaders who have arrived to light the way.  The glamour of this walk with stupendous sound and light effects, kept over 600 audience at the edge of their seats and created a memory for the families and friends as well as the graduating students that will be cherished for many years.

The event that set a new standard for graduation celebrations in the region, also included several inspiring speeches.   His Excellency Professor Delawer emphasized on the quality of education that UKH is providing.  He also emphasized on the success of the international independent model that UKH is adopting and he encouraged other universities in the country to follow this example.  He also highlighted the quality of UKH graduates and the added value they bring to the work place. 

Dr. David Hall, Registrar and representative of University of Leicester, one of the top leading universities in the United Kingdom, congratulated the Graduating Class of 2011 of UKH and highlighted the important partnership that the University of Leicester is developing with UKH as the leading academic institution in the country.  He expressed his admiration of the event and the celebration. He stated “Over my 20 years of working at universities and having attended more than 200 graduation ceremonies, I have never seen anything like this!”

The joyous atmosphere of the event and the presence of hundreds of proud parents, families and friends brought many emotional moments.  Tears of joy, expressions of excitements, cheering, was felt in every part of the venue.   The celebration continued for long after the official end of the program where students, families, friends, faculty, UKH family and guests spend over two hours continuing their celebration in a spontaneous fashion.

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