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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Production Of Electricity From Waste In ERBIL 'HAWLER'

The Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism in the province of Kurdistan, a contract with a company representative SPECT Roman British Biermam to clean the rod and part of the western section of the city of Erbil from the waste, while the other company to produce electricity from waste.

The contract was signed, by the Minister of Municipalities and Tourism in the Kurdistan Regional Government, representing the company SPECT Roman Britain yesterday, attended by British Consul General in Erbil, capital of the province.

Minister of Municipalities and Tourism in the regional government, Samir Abdullah told a news conference after the ceremony of signing the contract to the media "after verification of the biography of that company, we signed with the Convention for three years, you company in the first phase of the work of cleaning the western part of the city of Erbil, in exchange for the amount of 996 million Iraqi dinars and $ 79 million Iraqi dinars for work cleaning rod Biermam.

And on signing the contract with this company and cancel the contract company gardens Samir Abdullah said that "the company gardens have created many problems while oncleaning the center of Erbil, which has forced us to cancel the contract and sign with another company SPECT Rum."

Is due to the company collected 1,200 tons per day of waste and disposal, and with the other company to produce electrical energy from those wastes.

The Minister added that the municipalities "has signed another contract with Canadian company Biotknyk waste containers will develop and produce electricity from a section of the waste by 15 MW of electricity supplied to the free city of Arbil."

Under the new contracts the company Rohm SPECT create 1270 job opportunities within the geographical area to work in the western part of Erbil, while not identifying the workers who will work in the shin and Biermam contracts required the companies to be 70% of users in completing the work of the Kurds.

For his part, said British Consul General in Erbil classroom during the conference that "the British company Rohm SPECT with a good reputation in its field, and revealed to the citizens, that the clean-up work in those areas are in good hands."

Source: http://www.dinarrumor.com/showthread.php?27690-Production-of-electricity-from-waste-in-Erbil

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