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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Erbil team wins Iraqi chess championship

Teams participating in the championship included Erbil, Baghdad, Dhiqar, Nineveh, Basra, Diala, Duhok, Babylon, Suleimaniya and Kirkuk.

Erbil gamers started to shine at the beginning of the championship and eventually proved to be the team that won the cup and the gold medal.

Erbil gained 14 points, while Baghdad secured the second place with 12 points and Dhiqar came third with nine points.

The games were supervised by several officials including Mohamed Jabir, Dlzar Hama Salih, Ismael Ibrahim, Saad Salman, Kurshid Saeed and Chalang Hussein.

The top three teams will represent Iraq in upcoming international competitions.

Duhok Governor Tamr Ramazan, a strong supporter of sports, attended the most of the games. The city had assured everyone the highest level of security was in place.

Ramazan encouraged the city's sports officials to bring as many sports tournaments as possible to Duhok. Ramazan has also opened a large indoor arena, opened several sports training facilities in the city and hired international coaches to train local players. 

The Kurdish Globe

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