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Friday, 12 August 2011

10 Simple Ways To Save Electricity at Home?!!!


1. Air Conditioning: Use less air conditioning when it is possible this can be achieved by turning off when you are not at home and also by running only one air-conditioner at the day time and mostly 2 air-conditioners during night. Additionally, try not to put it at too high or too low temperatures. Setting the air conditioner at fair temperatures helps oneself preserve lots of power.

2. Washers: Minimize the amount of washing numbers by cleaning a full-load of garments every time.

3. Computer: More often than not, we do not switch off our monitors even after we have closed our PCs. Keep the monitor and the computer switched off when you are not using them. Start doing this even when at work. You will help save some of the earth's important power.

4. Water Heater: Keep the geyser thermostat at the minimal heat. You do not need to heat the water at a very high temperature or for overly long.

5. Switch off equipment when not in useTurn appliances off at the wall plug, rather than leaving them on standby as this can still draw about 20% or more of normal electricity use. (Examples are TVs, music systems, computers, phone chargers etc.) Also turn the geyser off when you go on holiday.

6. Install efficient lighting: Replace ALL bulbs in your home with CFL bulbs (the spiral flourescent bulbs), use 75% less power than old incandescent bulbs, and last much longer. Of course, switching off lights in unoccupied rooms is also an obvious way to save.

7. Turn off outside lighting after 1 am, instead of allowing the lights to run for eight or more hours at night.

8. Try using natural lighting when possible through the day, opening the curtains whenever you need light, and closing them when you do not is also recommended.

9. Insulate the ceiling/ roof (If affordable): A ceiling and good roof insulation can keep the home 5 degrees (Celsius) warmer in winter, and 10 degrees cooler in summer. More comfortable indoor temperatures mean less need for electrical heating and cooling, with savings of about 75% for adding both a ceiling and insulation, or 25% for just adding insulation.

10. If Possible Iron all your clothes at one time

Other important advice:

    1. Educate everyone in the home, including children and domestic helpers.

    2. Remember that saving requires both behaviour and equipment. E.g. it’s no use installing an efficient shower head if you then shower for twice as long.

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