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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Capital Bank opens first National Bank of Iraq branch in ERBIL

Capital Bank announced the opening of the first branch of the National Bank of Iraq in Erbil, the implementation of the bank's expansion strategy in all Iraqi provinces, to provide various banking services to corporate clients and institutions and provide the best services and facilities for them.

The Capital Bank, which has accounted for 72% of the capital of National Bank of Iraq Bank of Jordan only existing in Iraq through the National Bank of Iraq to provide excellent services to trade finance and retail banking services between Jordan and Iraq.

The new bank opened a branch in Erbil d.Barham Ahmed Saleh, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the presence of Bassem Al-Salem Al-chairman of Capital Bank and the Governor of Arbil, Mr. Nawzad Hadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and members of the National Bank of Iraq and a number of economic figures in the region.

With the opening of new branch brings the number of branches of National Bank of Iraq to seven branches spread over the three branches in the capital Baghdad and in Mosul branch and a branch in Karbala and another in Basra, in addition to the branch of Arbil.

Dr.Barham Ahmed Saleh, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government We are pleased to expand the National Bank of Iraq geographical spread to Erbil to provide services to the other provinces, and the fact that branch of National Bank is the only branch of the Capital Bank of Jordan, which is experiencing a city of Arbil economic activity distinct especially as they enjoy security, stability, and was sought by investors wishing to enter the Iraqi market.

Said Basem Khalil Al Salem, Chairman of Capital Bank, which is the fourth largest bank in terms of capital in Jordan, "The Capital Investment Bank in the National Bank of Iraq is a decision for the long-term strategic management conviction Capital Bank economic opportunities in Iraq."

The relationship that links between Capital Bank and National Bank of Iraq will allow us to facilitate the service of all businessmen and traders in Jordan to develop Jordanian exports to Iraq, the fact that Capital Bank is the Bank of the Jordan the only in Iraq, which combines commercial banking and investment through the Capital Investments.

Salem also confirmed that the National Bank of Iraq would strengthen the existing relations and investment opportunities between Jordan and Iraq, which is one of the largesteconomies 
in the developed world.

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