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Thursday, 29 September 2011

ERBIL ranked up 2nd tourist destination across the World

Gali Ali Beg Waterfall

Erbil city ranked in the second place in the world tourist destinations across the airline, "Cheapflights" after the British had grown by 504%, while the Turkish occupied town of Bodrum in the first place, Hawaii, U.S. third. 

Cheapflights site states (low cost flights airline) that "the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is the second tourist destination globally, having seen relatively stable, and attracted businessmen," asserting "The high number of flights that have been conduct to the city, especially in light of evolution made in the field of hotel services and hospitality, also began to attract tourists who enjoy the bold. " 

According to statistics, which bears the name of "rising stars", the order of 25 cities in different continents. 

It said that "the number of flights to Arbil march progressed by 504%, while the top rate of Bodrum, reaching 971% and 110% Hawaiian." 

The report also stated that the Chinese cities of Hangzhou and Sapporo in Japan came in fourth and fifth place, an increase of 87% and 80% respectively. 
Experiencing the provinces of Kurdistan region of Iraq any Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk stable security remarkable, especially they are away from the bombings and acts of violence and assassinations taking place in other provinces, but not without a murder criminal is limited and cases of theft from time to time, at a time of border areas of the territory shelling continued from by both Turkey and Iran under the pretext of pursuing the Kurdish opposition. 

Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan is witnessing economic openness and wide to the world and in particular the neighboring country, which led to opportunities to attract investment in housing, construction and tourism. 

Alsumaria News / Baghdad 

Source: http://alsumarianews.tv , Translated Source: http://translate.google.iq

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